Construction Process

 While the construction process may seem difficult, our builders take great pride in simplifying the entire journey so that you can enjoy the building of your new home. We’ve narrowed it down to 5 simple steps to the construction process. Check it out!


#1 – Design, Location & Permits

The first step in building your dream home is… to dream it! Whether you bring a floor plan yourself or work with our builders and their architects, this is the time to be creative. From paint color to the rock used on the exterior, we’ll work with you through the design process to help find everything you’re after. With the Gatchell Group, finding a location is easier than ever to pull permits and get started on the home you’ve always wanted.

To find a location to start building your new home, please click here.



#2 – Framing & Insulation

After finding a lot and getting permits to build your home, the first check point is the 4-way process of wiring, HVAC, plumbing, and framing. At this time an inspection is performed to assure that the quality for the things that happen on the inside of your walls is up to standard. Our builders always pay attention to these minor details so you have the highest quality of custom home.




#3 Drywall & Exterior

Once the 4-way process in the framing stage passes inspection, the next step is begin putting up the walls, floor & roof tile, toilets, showers, and exterior stucco with any rock additions. This is when you can start to see your home start to take shape.




#4 – Interior & Appliances

At this step the homebuyer is now becoming extremely anxious as they see the beautiful gourmet kitchen being furnished with top of the line appliances. The home is finally coming together with counter tops, cabinets, light fixtures, door knobs, fireplace mantles, and all appliances.




#5 Finish & Cleaning

It’s finally here… You get to move in! After a short period of finishing touches, where the builder will walk through the home and point out each specific area that needs touching up, you’ll be able to make this home yours! The carpet is installed and cleaned, the mirrors are placed carefully, the landscaping is finished… your dream home is now built.

To see photos of beautiful homes finished from all of our builders, click here.